Choose from distinctive panel styles with an authentic woodgrain texture.

Standard Colors:

Almond Claytone Dark Brown
Polar White Almond Sahara Tan
BronzeTone White Sahara Tan
Sandstone Gray (Except in 2400/2500) Bronze (Except in 2400/2500)
Gray Hunter Green Charcoal
Hunter Green (except in 2400/2500) Brown Charcoal (except in 2400/2500)

Colors swatches may vary due to monitor type and display settings. To view actual color swatches, contact us.

Wood Grain Colors: (Not available in 2400 &2500 series)

Model 610 Model 612 Model 660
Smooth Oak Smooth Cherry Embossed Ash
Model 661
Embossed Mahogany

Bi Directional Wood Grain Colors: (Only available in the panels and models listed below)

Model 610 Model 612 Model 660
Ribbed Short Panel
2060, 760, 660
Recessed Short Panel
2061, 761, 661
Recessed Long Panel
2063, 763, 663
Model 661
Ribbed Long Panel
2064, 764, 664

Premium Colors: (Not available in 2400 & 2500 series)

Model 610 Model 612 Model 660
Trinar White® Trinar Beige® Trinar Brown®
Model 661
Cool Black

Trinar® colors carry a 35 year finish warranty, making them ideal for projects that require lasting durabiility and beauty.
Cool Black includes a cool chemistry paint finish but it is not recommened for projects with extreme exposures to heat and light.
Due to the painting process, colors may vary. For the most accurate color match, see your Haas Door dealer for a metal color selector.

Accessories: Optional decorative hardware is available on all models.

Model 610 Model 612 Model 660
Hinges (Optional) Handles (Optional) Black Nylon, White Nylon,
10 ball steel roller
Model 661
Powder Coated Harder Options