HurricaneMaster Garage Doors

Hurricane Master by DAB

Hurricane Rated for Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Long before most building departments outside of South Florida began to implement windload requirements in their building codes, DAB was already manufacturing the Hurricane Master®, a garage door system deliberately designed for coastal and inland areas recognized as hurricane-prone regions.

The Hurricane Master® is specifically manufactured to endure the pushing and pulling effects of hurricane-force winds by incorporating an innovative reinforcement system called the InterForce® that structurally reinforces each individual door section.

The patented InterForce® system goes beyond reinforcement to unify the individual garage door systems into a monolithic wind barrier. InterForce® reinforcement is the embedded strutural component that transforms a garage door into a Hurricane Master®.

InterForce Structural Reinforcement System
A unique built-in structural stiffening system embedded into each door section to transform the door into a monolithic wind-barrier.

Impact Resistant Steel Skin
Heavy-guage steel sheathing resistant to airborne debris during hurricane-strength winds.

Inter-Locking Tongue & Grove System
Rolled-form joints between door sections improve the door’s overall resistance to structural breach and impact from airborne debris.

Superior Dual Fastening System
Pop-rivet fasteners are combined with advanced bonding agents to achieve exceptional performance among door members.

Anti-Distortion End-Stile System
Rugged heavy-gauge end-stiles provide structural rigidity to resist twisting and wraping during hurricane-strength winds.

Reinforced Track System
Maintains the door’s integrity under extreme wind conditions with heavy-guage steel tracks suported with numerous anchoring brackets.

InterForce Diagram

The InterForce®

The pateneted InterForce® Structural Reinforcement System is a stiffening, steel framing system embedded along the perimeter of each door section. By surrounding each door section, the InterForce® is able to unify the individual door systems and magnify the door’s resistence to the extreme pushing and pulling effects of severe windstorms without additional reinforcement. When local building codes call for higher wind resistance, the embedded InterForce® system allows the door’ degree of wind resistance to be easily increased by permanently attaching slender reinforcement bars on the backside of the door.