Raynor Masterpiece Garage Doors

Raynor Masterpiece

Hurricane Rated for Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Raynor Masterpiece combines all the features homeowners want. It's eye catching, deeply embossed woodgrain texture adds beauty and instant curb appeal to any home, while its two-sided steel design keeps your home safe and secure. Beneath the surface, Masterpiece is also one of the most tightly engineered garage doors you can own. Its rugged two-sided 2" thick sections steel design provides superior strength, added durability, and maximum protection against noise, impact, and weather. Masterpiece doors meet or exceed Dade County requirements.

Special Features

Masterpiece Hardware
Masterpiece doors feature the Enduracote Hardware System, coming with extended-life springs, powder coated track and hardware that provide a clean, finished look, and maximum protection agaist rust.
Standard Insulation
Masterpiece Construction
Masterpiece 2" thick core of polystyrene insulation pressure bonded between 2 layers of steel, keeping your garage quieter and more comfortable.
Section Joints
Masterpiece Joints
A vinyl joint seal prevents airflow between sections, while a mechanically interlocked vinyl thermal break prevents heat loss and eliminates metal to metal contact between hot and cold surfaces, allowing the insulation to be fully effective.
Bottom Weatherseal
Masterpiece Weatherseal
A bottom weatherseal provides an effective barrier along the entire length of the door to keep out elements.