How to Select a Hurricane-Ready Garage Door

How to Select a Hurricane-Ready Garage Door

1. Contact your local Building code authority. Many local communities have requirements that may supercede state or national building codes.

2. Learn a little about windload. Most building codes require a garage door to be windload tested. Winload rating is the amount of air pressure that can be exerted against the door without causing it to fail. This pressure is measured against the outside of the door (called the positive pressure) and against the inside of the door (the negative pressure). The garage door is engineered and manufactured to meet a design pressure rating. An independent laboratory then tests the door to 150% of the design pressure rating. This is the test pressure rating. Both the design pressure rating and the test pressure rating are stated in the pressure per square foot (psf).

3. Measure your garage. When a hurricane passes over, it creates a vacuum, resulting in negative pressure inside the garage. The mean roof height must be measured to help you select a garage door with the right design rating.

Source: ASCE, 7/88
Mean Roof Height Door Size Design Load Presure
Single story, less than 15 feet 16' wide by 7' high +38 positive psf and -46 negative psf
Two story, 25 feet 16' wide by 7' high +45 positive psf and -54 negative psf

4. Contact Us. As experts in windloading and garage door construction, we can help you select the best hurricane-ready door for your local building code requirements.